The Rise of Shivam Dubey - RCB's X-Factor

March 19, 2019, 9:54 p.m.

Tall, strong, and athletically inclined, Shivam Dubey possess all the ingredients to a become an IPL superstar. He is a medium pace all-rounder with the ability to clear the ropes at ease. He showcased his hard-hitting ability at the Mumbai T20 Final.

Chasing 182, his team needed 26 of just 1 over. What came next was a masterclass of pure power. 6,4,6,0,6,0. Although he was unable to get his team across the line, he sure caught millions of eyes around India - especially the IPL scouts. This was followed by a bashing to Pravin Tambe as he smashed the veteran for an embarrassing 32-run over!

The more we see Shivam bat, the more he seems to bring out with his brutal power and prestine timing. Will he be the key player to bring Bangalore across the finish line this year and give them their first taste of glory?

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