Before you select your team and start playing, make sure you are REGISTERED as a player.

Simply click on register and choose a username which you will remember and the best email address.


After you’ve completed registration, simply click on My Team & Leagues page. Now this is where the strategic aspect of the game kicks in!

You’re now ready to select your Playing 11 for the first game. You will be able to pick players from any playing team.

If you are unable to save your team, please have a look at your team composition and also ensure that you haven’t gone over your allocated budget. If you don’t meet these requirements below, you will NOT be able to save your team.

Over the course of the playoffs stage, you will be allowed 100 subs (There will be a window for unlimited transfer between the playoffs and the knockouts stage). An additional 8 subs would be allowed for the knockout stage. Make sure you use them wisely! You will be able to make changes to your team until the first ball is bowled.

*PRO TIP: Wait for the toss for the playing 11 to be announced to make sure you don’t pick any players which aren’t picked in the playing 11.

After you’ve selected your team, its now time to pick your captain!

Remember, your captain will earn you DOUBLE points (can be positive or negative).


Once you have completed picking your team, it’s now time to create a league and inviting your friends through your league code OR you can join a pre-existing league made by your friend.


Remember, you get 100 substitutions for the playoffs stage so use them wisely. Always think ahead and try to pick your best 11 for the given day.

You might be leading half way through the tournament but if you only have 10 subs left with 20 more games to go, chances are, your friends will catch up and beat your score – so sub wisely!

To make changes to your squad, simply go to Change Squad

In this area, you will be able to add any players by click on the + sign beside their name and remove players using the - sign next to their name.

REMEMBER, you MUST meet all the conditions in order to successfully save your team (highlighted in yellow).

Choosing Your Squad


Each squad must consist of 11 players. Each team manager must pick:

  • 2-5 x Batsmen
  • 1-3 x Allrounders
  • 1-3 x Wicketkeepers
  • 2-5 x Bowlers


  • Choose 1 of your 11 players to be captain for each game.
  • Your captain scores double
  • Incase of a double header, you may change captains as well as the team after the first ball is bowled of the first match and before the start of the second.


  • Unlimited Changes before the start of league phase
  • Total No. of changes throughout the league phase 100
  • Unlimited Changes between final league phase game and first knockout game
  • Total No. of changes throughout the Knockout phase 8
Stat Description Points Awarded
Runs 1 point per run
S/R points Runs - Balls faced
If out for a duck -5
Bonus for every 6 hit 2
Bonus for every 4 hit 1
Milestone Bonus
  • 25+ runs: 5 points
  • 50+ runs: 15 points
  • 75+ runs: 30 points
  • 100+ runs: 50 points

Wickets (Per wicket) 25 Points
Economy Points 1.5 * Balls bowled - Runs given(Doubled if positive)
Maiden over bowled (per maiden over) 15 Points
Milestone Bonus
  • 2 wickets: 5 points
  • 3 wickets: 15 points
  • 4 wickets: 30 points
  • >4 wickets: 50 points
Catch 10 Points
Run out (fielder/keeper involved in runout) 10 Points
Stumping (W'keeper only) 15 Points
Man of the Match 25 Points